hack of the day or no worries I’m an electrician, I know what I’m doing ;)

After moving from Ireland to the Netherlands, I still have lots of electrical stuff that I almost never use, mostly as they still have the bulky UK plug and it hasn’t annoyed me yet enough to change it. For most stuff that I use not that often I just get one of the adapters I have now everywhere.

A different story is my cable drums. The plug is one thing, quick and easy, but on the socket side, I would need an adapter again. and hence my mod or hack or whatever…


A few screws later the inner live was out, and I made space for the new socket by cutting out some of the plastic. I wanted to reuse the existing mounting points for the adapter I wanted to design, so I looked for a way the new socket I got from a local DIY store (thanks gamma) fitted best in the inside. 


Now, what is extremely handy to have at home when you want do do stuff like that is having a laser cutter at home. But even if not you can use one of the online services, visit the next hackerspace or of course ask me πŸ˜‰ Now the design I came up with is here… I cut my parts with 5mm white Perspex as the 3 layers would give me exactly the distance I needed from the bottom and to have the socket as flush as possible.


a test fit to see if what worked in my head also works in reality


yay, so far so good πŸ™‚

I used M4 screws to fix the socket to the adapter, . electrical connection to the sockets. now with this flexible cable it is a good idea to use some ferrules, safety and so.

Image result for ferrule

I made a hole in the plastic wall where the cable comes in so I can use a zip tie to secure the cable from pulling on the connection. the holes matched, the wires are routed ok, the socket can go in.


The front was just a pushing it together. Really happy with my design as it is a super snug fit. On the front I also engraved the usual cable lenght, max. amp etc. a property info and some tribal for the fun of it. now in the light here it is hard to read on my pic… maybe I will infill it one day LOL.

20170613_173156   20170613_173236


and then the cover is simply screwed on top.

E voila, I can use my cable drum again. without silly adapters.


thanks for reading 

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sandblasting wine glass

I don’t remember where I’ve seen that first but I had to try it out myself.

Now there several ways on how to bring a design on a glass

  • laser engraver (I don’t have one, so that is already out)
  • stencil and etching (stuff like ‘Armour Etch Cream’ as example; back when I was looking into it this was however only very hard to come by due to shipping restrictions)
  • stencil and sandblast

As I have a vinyl cutter at home creating the stencil was easy… pick the design you like, make a nice vector graphics out of it, measure around your glass and cut it in the correct length. what helped me in applying the stencil on the glass was heating it up a bit with a hot air gun, not to much, you still want to be able to touch the glass without burning your fingers πŸ™‚

I got myself a cheap ass blast box, at the beginning I was using an airbrush eraser (see pics) but a regular blasting gun works just perfect too. I still use the same airbrush eraser compound, maybe other blasting material works well too, but I didn’t had a need to change it yet. the compound is very fine and leaves very nice sharp edges.

Blasting is very straight forward, make sure you got every area covered and you’re done. clean up all the masking tape and stencil. was the glass properly and enjoy.


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first time in the USA

When I started my job with EMC Β in 2011, part of the new hire training was that we got sent over to sunny California for 2 weeks. Yay!

It was my first time flying over to the USA! Very exciting, but the paperwork for Visa was, well let’s say ‘challenging’. I don’t have a biometric passport, so things where a bit more complicated. However, at the end I was there and had a very great time together with my buddy Mateusz. Thanks man !

But lets start with pictures πŸ™‚

The very first thing we did, the day after we arrived, we went to San Francisco. Where we met another buddy of mine Maerku and his girlfriend Lise. They where on a trip true the US at that time and when I saw him post something on google+ (if I remember right) about SF, we skyped quickly and planned to meet at the dock later that day.

Here some pics of EMC/datadomain

During the week we where quite busy exploring the region after the training was finished for the day. As it was quite warm, we had to drink a lot πŸ˜‰

Our manager was a really great guy. He told us, that if we had different plans for the weekend we should just go ahead and get a second rental car. We had different plans indeed, so on Friday afternoon we went to San Jose airport and got another car… The company was covering for a basic car, but for a few dollars I could get a uplift for a dodge challenger. YAY

First thing I did then on Saturday was a shopping tour. I found some of the famous Silicon Valley yard sales but also the big chains like Fry’s or microcenter. Let’s just say, the guys from homeland who searched my suitcase must have wondered what that is all about. In my defense, I love my gadgets πŸ™‚

After all that shopping on Saturday, I wanted to get a bit outside on Sunday. I left quite early to visit two things. Point ReyesΒ  and the Muir Woods

Some pictures from ‘on the road’, I was so impressed how fast you are out of the city chaos and how awesome it looks. And yes, some pictures are ‘just’ cars or other things that caught my attention

By accident I found this place on my way back. A Swiss restaurant πŸ™‚

The last day, before heading to the airport we visited the Computer history museum in Mountain View. If you are a little bit interested in computers and how we got where we are today. Go for it! It’s awesome

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Those who know me, know how much I like Viking stuff.

And what is one of the iconic things the vikings built ? The Oseberg

So I got a Oseberg kit, to build my own boat. When I got the kit I instantly realized that I will need a scroll-saw if I ever want to finish this project. All the planks had to get cut out of thin sheets of wood. they basically just print the shape on wood and the task of the builder is to cut them out without breaking it, sand it and then bring it in shape as the boat is curved. The instructions don’t tell you exactly how to build it together, but that’s part of the fun. Also the staining of some wood parts is something everybody does at his own taste.

Well, see here mine

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playing with the scrollsaw

I got my scrollsaw when I built my Oseberg, however, I had also some fun cutting those things. (Seems I only have pictures of this one however) I don’t have the skills that many of the scrollsaw guys I’ve seen have, but still I’m happy with what I made πŸ™‚

I hope one day I have the time to make more of those

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My celtic DVD stand

A while ago I wanted to have a new dvd stand. I googled a lot but was not really happy with the stuff I found online. I had to build one on my own.

Well I got some timber in the next DIY shop and started to draw a celtic knot on it… Cutting the shape was quite easy and quickly done. I wanted the weaving look, so i made cuts with the oscillating multitool (not sure what the correct name is). Next was sanding, sanding, sandig… It felt like i was sanding for ages. then I cut the rods where the dvd’s later will stand on. made me a pattern where the rods will have to be placed, drilled and glued them in place. a bit of staining and voila. not to bad for a first try…

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VW T2 to Nordkapp and back

What/where is the Nordkapp you may ask yourself.

In short, the most northern place on the European continent (well not really but read yourself on Nordkapp

During this trip I made loads of pictures, one set per day. (almost)
But have a look yourself


Day 1

Day 2


Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

day 8

Day 9








Day 17









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